Real estate via the internet

We are striking a new path when we search for your dream-domicile or try to find a buyer for your real estate. Use the opportunity of leafing through our offers comfortably at home or anywhere else in the world. It makes no difference whether your "surf" during the day or at night. In addition, you can always check which object is still available at the moment.

Something about us

HOMEWATCH was founded by Brigitte Thönnessen. She offers allround service in connection with your present or future property. Profit from the experience of Brigitte Thönnessen! As the proprietor of a domicile in Marbella, she knows from her own experience about all the possible problems and can advise you whether you are an owner, purchaser, vendor, tenant or renter.

Many thanks in advance for your trust. I promise competent and reliable work on your behalf!

Brigitte Thönnessen